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Tempted Tigress by Jade Lee

  • Publisher: Leisure Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0-843-95690-9
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  • Nominated for 2008 RITA for Best Historical Romance

China's Grand Canal saw all kinds of transport-food, slaves, even deadly opium. And when one woman planned to sail it to freedom, her flight would end in the arms of a Mandarin prince. There her true journey would begin.

Orphaned and stranded, Anna Marie Thompson could trust no one, especially not her dark captor. Not when his eyes held secrets deadlier than her own. Though his caress was liquid fire, his arms a steely shield, Anna was still an Englishwoman and alone. She could not trust him when he swore they could tame the dragon, could together unearth the riches of the sweet cinnabar cave. But sadness and fear could be cleansed by soft yin rain, he whispered; safety and joy were but a breath away. And perhaps love. All was here for the taking, if she would just give in to temptation....


"You stink," he snapped in English.

"You're cruel," she shot back before she think better of it.

He reared back as if struck. "Prisoners are to stay silent," he roared in Chinese. Then he folded his arms across the richly embroidered tunic the proclaimed him the Emperor's Enforcer. "Name!" he snapped.

She lifted her chin and did not answer. Before she completed the motion, the servant crossed the room and backhanded her with a brutal hand.

"You will answer!" the man boomed in Chinese.

"He said prisoners do not speak!" she cried out, furious to realize that her eyes watered from pain and humiliation.

"You are not a prisoner," the Enforcer responded evenly.

She blinked, completely thrown. "I'm..."

"Name!" bellowed the servant.

"Sister Marie," she answered in total truth. Except, of course, it wasn't the full truth. Marie was her religious name and the one she had been given the day she began swabbing the floors of the Shanghai mission when she was eight. "Why aren't I a prisoner?" she demanded. Then she frowned and rephrased in Chinese. "People who are not prisoners should not be shackled." She held out her arms as if expecting the chains to be removed.

The Enforcer made no move toward her. Instead, he leaned back in his chair and inspected her in a long, leisurely fashion, a grim smile on his face. "You are not a prisoner," he said coldly. "You are my concubine. And as such, I can legally do much worse than shackle you."


Romantic Times BOOKreviews 4 stars

"Lee's Tigresses have brought something new and intriguing to erotic romance. Without stinting on powerful plotlines, fascinating characters or lesser-known historical details, she creates new fantacies that stimulate the imagination. This is what places her in a class with the best."
"This paranormal romance explores Eastern concepts of sex and power in a partial fantasy setting. Unusual, very sensual and yet emotionally sweet, it's a very different but extremely enjoyable story that takes readers into new areas."

NIGHT OWL Romance Score: 5 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

Jade Lee's book Tempted Tigress is a passionate, steamy tale that would make anyone melt with envy. She gets into the heart of the characters making them emotionally appealing to the reader. Tempted Tigress is definitely one for the keeper shelf and I definitely will ready anything by Jade Lee that I see around.


Tempted Tigress by Jade Lee is a marvelous journey for any reader.


Every so often you read a book that truly touches you in ways you never imagined a book could. Jade Lee has written an incredibly poignant story with heart wrenching characters that survive horrors that most of us couldn't even dream of. Anna is an amazingly strong heroine who's short life has seem more tragedy than all of Shakespeare's plays. Yet the story doesn't dwell on it. That's what I find so amazing about this book. All these horrors have been committed in the heroine's life but the book is a celebration of her triumph's and her love. Zhi-Gang is the perfect man for her. He has his own demons to struggle with but he's not the typical angst ridden hero. They compliment each other and it makes for an incredibly moving story of love and survival. Regardless of what sort of genre you may typically read, I would urge anyone to read this book. You won't be disappointed.

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